Vespa World Days Belfast
June 14th – 17th 2018

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Wanting to exhibit?

Christine Cahoon   Fri 19 Jan 2018

Fancy having a trade stand at Vespa World Days in June? We're offering this unique opportunity to local traders to showcase their wares on Belfast's Titanic Slipways on the 14th to 17th of June this year.

The booking information and form is now available online:

If you've any questions that aren't answered in the document, please email: and he will respond to your query in due course.

Thank you all so much!

Mark Cooke   Thu 23 Nov 2017   updated: Wed 13 Dec 2017

Thank you all so much from Team Belfast for becoming involved in Vespa World Days 2018.

Procedure for tickets for Presidents

Mark Cooke   Sun 19 Nov 2017   updated: Wed 13 Dec 2017

The registration process has the following sequence.

The club president registers the participants & sends the registration(s)

The presidents of the umbrella clubs confirm the registered participants.

The organizer confirms the registration (after confirmation from the umbrella clubs)

The Organizer then sends the payment information then confirms the payment (after you send the money)


Zoccolo Giuseppe   Wed 10 Jan 2018

ok, nous attendons vos informations pour le payement des full tickets! Prévu pour?

Mark Cooke   Tue 23 Jan 2018

Les informations de paiement ont été envoyées par courrier électronique au président du club qui a effectué les inscriptions

Zoccolo Giuseppe   Wed 31 Jan 2018

bien reçu mais frais bancaire?

Mark Cooke   Sat 03 Feb 2018

Leider hat jeder, der an einem VWD teilnimmt, Bankgebühren, unabhängig davon, in welchem ??Land die Veranstaltung stattfindet.

Mark Cooke   Sat 03 Feb 2018

Malheureusement, tout participant à une VWD a des frais bancaires, peu importe le pays dans lequel l'événement est tenu.

connell daly   Mon 05 Feb 2018

do I have to be a member of a scooter club to obtain tickets? I have full membership of Vespa Club of Britain and have been riding Vespas for over 30 years. How can I get tickets?


Mark Cooke   Mon 19 Feb 2018

Hi Connell. I replied to your email a while back to say, the event is open to the public between 9am to 6pm each day and to 2pm on the Sunday.

If you are already a member of the VCB you would have received information regarding registration passes.

Gala Dinner in Belfast

Mark Cooke   Mon 30 Oct 2017

2018 Gala meal will be a 3 course menu sit down meal where everyone can come together and enjoy a great night of entertainment and a bit of Craic!

We did look before at a buffet style meal however, this wasn't cost effective.

We look forward to seeing you all quite soon.


Julie Pond   Mon 19 Feb 2018

Just wondering if there will be options for vegetarians or any other dietary requirement for that matter as this does not come up on the Full ticket as a box to tick.

Mark Cooke   Mon 19 Feb 2018

Hi Julie, our cater's are able to provide meals to suit.

Regards, Mark

Julie Pond   Mon 26 Feb 2018

Great thanks for getting back to my query Mark. Cheers Julie

Lonely Planet names Belfast and Causeway Coast world’s top regions to visit

Daron Humphreys   Wed 25 Oct 2017   updated: Wed 13 Dec 2017

The world's largest travel guide book has named Belfast and the Causeway Coast as 2018's number one region to visit.

Lonely Planet's annual list of destinations sets travel trends for the coming year, and the Northern Irish region beat out the Julian Alps in Slovenia, Alaska in the United States and Languedoc-Rousillon in France to top the list.

The Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2018 guide praises the Causeway Coast for its "timeless beauty and high-grade distractions - golf, whiskey and some of the world's most famous rocks - are more popular now than ever".

For full story see here:-

DFDS Discount Scheme

Mark Cooke   Wed 11 Oct 2017   updated: Wed 13 Dec 2017

"Dear Vespisti,

We spoke to the ferry-company DFDS to get special prizes for the trip Amsterdam – Newcastle. We could negotiate a discount of 10 % for cabins and vehicles. The ticketing has to be till 30. April 2018 for a journey between 7. and 30. June 2018.

All countries can book under with the code J8VWD.

Sorry, but the code works only if German language is choosen.


- for Denmark and Sweden on the Amsterdam-Newcastle route in the period of 7th – 24th of June 2018 the code is TANNEVWD18 and TNEANVWD18 using:

- for Norway on the Oslo-Copenhagen route in the period of 7th – 24th of June 2018 the code is TVESPOC, for the return TVESPCO using:

Uwe Bödicker

Vespa World Club

Tourist and Club Commissary"

Tickets open 17th November

Daron Humphreys   Mon 09 Oct 2017   updated: Fri 19 Jan 2018

Tickets for VWD Belfast 2018 will Open to Vespa clubs world wide Friday 17th of November.

(2300 full tickets, 2500 lite tickets)

Full ticket £78 Sterling

Lite ticket £55 Sterling

Camping £50 Sterling


Armin Droste   Sun 15 Oct 2017

Any chance for continentals to pay in Euro, or in minimum to use transaction code SHARE ?

Daron Humphreys   Sun 15 Oct 2017

All tickets will have to be ordered through your national Vespa club so providing you are in the Euro-zone i would think you would pay in Euros.

Armin Droste   Mon 16 Oct 2017

I started to collect the ticket wishes for our club. But with prices up to 100€ for a full entry ticket for OUR transaction, I doubt that I will be able to register as many as 60 people as in the past.

You have not answered the question for the transaction type.


Ciro Staro   Mon 06 Nov 2017


per cortesia potrei sapere se accettate il pagamento in Euro ?

Al cambio, ad oggi, dovrebbero essere 84,76 euro . Giusto ?

Mi dfate conferma ?


shane hunsdale   Sat 11 Nov 2017   updated: Mon 13 Nov 2017

What are the payment options please ????????

Mark Cooke   Mon 13 Nov 2017

Payment options can be obtained through your national club. Thank you

Mark Cooke   Mon 13 Nov 2017

Payments to be made in Sterling GBP. Thank you.

Armin Droste   Thu 16 Nov 2017

@shane hunsdale and others

Since the organizers do not want or cannot understand the question, I would like to contribute some info.

Transaction Type Share mainly means that transmitting person and receiving person share the costs for transfer in non-Euro currency.

Transaction Type BEN mainly means that receiving person allone carries the costs for the transaction.

Transaction Type OUR mainly means that transmitting party carries all costs for the transaction.

I'm quite sure that sooner or later also the Irish organizers will publish the info that they require the type OUR, as Croation and French organizers also did at the eleventh hour.

There are rumors that for example the German national Vespa club already thinks about a centralized German payment to reduce transaction costs.

Keep in mind: Transaction costs have nothing to do with the Exchange Rate!


Mark Cooke   Sat 18 Nov 2017

We would recommend people to use a currency exchange service rather than their own bank as this has saved us in international banking fees and gives a better exchange rate.

The one we use is where you can set up an account with them and arrange to pay for your tickets

I hope this helps

Kind regards

Ticket Pricing for VWD 2018

Mark Cooke   Tue 22 Aug 2017   updated: Wed 13 Dec 2017

The price of a 'Full' ticket is set at £78 sterling.

The price of a 'Lite' ticket is set at £55 sterling.

Each Vespa club associated within the Vespa World Club should start to collaborate information from their members as to how many will require tickets of either kind.


Andrew Downey   Wed 04 Oct 2017

Can you let me know what is the difference between the FULL ticket and the LITE ticket please

Daron Humphreys   Fri 06 Oct 2017

The Full Tickets include the 3 course Gala Meal on the Saturday night.

Michael McCann   Mon 09 Oct 2017

Is there prices for 2 days i.e. thursday ,friday.As i need to return to the uk due to work commitments

Daron Humphreys   Mon 09 Oct 2017

Only the 2 ticket options i'm afraid. Full or light entry.

Ciro Staro   Fri 10 Nov 2017

Date informazioni di come inserire i nominativi ed in quale sito ?


Mark Cooke   Mon 13 Nov 2017

Tickets must be purchased through your national club with the actual person/members name. Thank you.

Vespa Club of Britain Members only

Mark Cooke   Tue 22 Aug 2017   updated: Mon 13 Nov 2017

As you may now be aware, the Vespa Club of Britain in conjunction with the Ulster Vespa Club, are proud to be organising the Vespa World Days on behalf of the Vespa World Club in Belfast from the 14th to the 17th June 2018 at the Titanic Centre, Belfast, which was voted as the World's BEST Tourist attraction of 2016.

This has been a mammoth task for the "Belfast Organising Committee", and we are now just seeing where all the pieces of the jigsaw are fitting in, and all the hard work completed by the UVC is now starting to see dividends.

From now through to the April/May 2018 edition of the Vespa News, we will be updating you with all the relevant information on this event.

So if you are thinking of going, please make sure you fill out the form that is included with this magazine or can be downloaded from our FB site: or shortly from the website

The Event

Mark Cooke   Tue 22 Aug 2017

The Vespa World Days (VWD) is an event that is hosted each year by a different Country - this year was Celle in Germany, 2016 was in St Tropez, France, then Croatia in 2015, Italy in 2014, and 2013 was Belgium of which the stakes were set very high for future events. So in 2018 the Vespa Club of Britain has been asked to host this event.

The Titanic venue does not leave anything else to be desired as this is the Museum of Britain's heritage in the Maritime Industry and the famous ship "The Titanic" that sunk in April 1912.

The Vespa Village will be set up within the exact area that the Titanic was built which will include various dealerships from around the UK and Europe, Market Vendors, a mechanical area for help with breakdowns, local products, food and produce, entertainment throughout the day and night, and the famous Gala Dinner on the Saturday night for 2,500 Vespisti from around the world.

The opening ceremony will be held on the Thursday night with all the countries from all over the world attending, and then a party afterwards to celebrate this great event.

Each day there will be Tours and Visits arranged at various tourist attractions and each night there will be parties and bands on in the Vespa village. The Saturday Gala meal will be set in the Titanic exhibition centre across the road from the Titanic Centre, and will hold the 2,500 diners with relative ease, which will then follow with Bands and entertainment for the rest of the night.

Belfast itself is now a bustling, vibrant area which comes to life at night-times with restaurants and bars welcoming visitors local and from around the world and is only a short walkable distance from the Vespa Village.